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Mark Harris
Leadership Coach and Facilitator of GMD Partnerships

Partnering with industry to deliver on the job performance


We have good curriculums that we have developed alongside and with industry, but how do we ensure organisations make the most of the learning and actually value the work we are doing in vocational training? In this interactive session we will look at the importance of building strategic bridges with senior stakeholders, building tactical bridges to line managers and building great support packages for both our learners and the industries they work for. We will look to create the value that organisations need.

Application on the Job:

  • Know the importance of building strategic and tactical bridges with organisations in order to bring about improvements to on the job performance
  • Generate ideas to engage line managers
  • Create ideas to support learners in the workplace 


Speaker Biography

Mark Harris is a Certified Facilitator and Consultant for Kirkpatrick Partners, Leadership Coach & Facilitator and co-owner of GMD Partnerships Ltd.

Mark is a highly experienced facilitator working with a wide range of New Zealand organisations, focusing on the areas of leadership, coaching and continuous improvement.