Grant Herbert

Grant Herbert

Founder and CEO of People Builders

Describing himself as an ordinary guy, with an outstanding wife and 5 amazing kids, Grant has a passionate message to share about being authentic and living the life you were created to live with less stress and conflict.

By using experience from his own corporate leadership journey, Grant has empowered thousands to escape the performance trap, cut themselves some slack, learn from their experiences and enjoy success in being whoever they are called to be in every area of their life. 

With over 35 years as a leadership trainer and coach, Grant has learned that the key to developing others is to first help them replace the mindsets and behaviours that are currently sabotaging their results. Once that platform is built, they actually implement what he teaches them. This ensures fast change and a much higher ROI. 

Whether it is in the corporate boardroom, the business seminar or the conference venue, he inspires in people a desire to change and then shows them how to do so. In his own authentic yet powerful way, he guides everyone through their surface story into the real issues hidden below.

As a leadership mentor and executive coach, he helps C-Suite executives to reduce stress and conflict by increasing social and emotional intelligence and neuroleadership capabilities. Grant creates an environment where people make positive change in the room, not just get more information about the problem.

Grant is the founder and CEO of People Builders, a leading supplier of training and coaching solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East.

Grant believes in staying up to date and relevant so he is an International Master Trainer in the Neuroscience of Leadership with the About my Brain Institute, Emotional Intelligence with The Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence and Behavioural Profiling with Extended DISC International.

Awarded for his global leadership in the fields of training and coaching, Grant partners with many HR and L & D professionals across the globe to help them implement programs in their organisations that meet the demands of the VUCA world of globalisation and technological change.

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Presentation Title:

Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence in Training

Presentation Brief:

To connect with students, and respond to their needs, a trainer must be equipped with more than just technical ability. 

The crucial ingredient for having greater influence as an educator is Social + Emotional Intelligence (SEI).

People are emotional beings who are driven by emotions. When we are able to connect at a deeper level with our students we empower them to bring out their best. In this keynote presentation, globally recognised Emotional Intelligence expert and Master Trainer, Grant Herbert, will unpack how we can tap into 26 distinct competencies of SEI so that we can:

  • Be aware of our emotions and their effects, in the moment
  • Recognise what emotions out students might be experiencing
  • Manage our emotional responses and reduce conflict and stress
  • Demonstrate empathy and be more situationally aware in the classroom
  • Build a stronger relationship bond with others through inspirational leadership