Laurie Kelly

Laurie Kelly

CEO at Brain Friendly Training

Laurie Kelly is a specialist in Brain-Friendly Training and Delivery Skills that engage. This has been his passion for over 30 years and his passion is drawn from his wealth of experience, his love for his subject and his ability to rekindle enthusiasm and passion in even the most tired Educator.

Recognised as a National and International Educator of Educators, he communicates his teachings to everyone at all levels, from CEO’s to the people on the ground, whilst making it captivating, engaging, relevant and instantly transferable back into the workplace. Laurie is driven to improve the learning experience from a learner’s perspective by making trainers more effective and impactful via enhanced & engaging delivery skills. Expect him to “walk the talk” in his conference session.


Presentation Title:

Designing Brain Friendly Training

Presentation Brief :

The Experience of Learning in more than just consumption. For real learning and transfer of skills, there must be a connection happening within the learners’ brains. To facilitate this, there are five Principles of Brain Friendly Training which must be kept in mind. The most vital one is having the Learner in a Resourceful learning state. How do you become a benevolent Manipulator in making this magic happen? This Presentation will challenge, and have you experience, what this means for your own learning and delivery design. Be prepared to have fun and shift mental mindsets.


  • An experience of what are the key Resourceful learning states for the Brain.
  • How we activate these states in our design and delivery
  • How Language , focus and Physiology effect learners ability to make Neuro connections and transfer knowledge into practice