Dr Bryan West

Dr Bryan West

Founder and Managing Director of Fortress Learning

Dr Bryan West is Founder and Managing Director of Fortress Learning (RTO. 31974). Founded in 2009, Fortress Learning has specialised in the delivery of TAA and TAE programs, and delivers both TAE Cert IV, TAE Diplomas, along with the federal government's International Skills Training program. His working life has spanned both private and public sectors, and primary through to tertiary and community education. In recent years, Dr West has initiated a program of empirical research in VET that spans both domestic and international domains. He has a particular interest in teacher education in developing nations, most recently working with a school in rural Uganda.


Presentation Title:

Using procedural scaffolding as a bridge to learning

Presentation Brief:

Giving clear instructions is one of the most important things that a Trainer can do to drive learning among students. This presentation introduces the idea of procedural scaffolding to guide the communication of instructions in a way that is both clear and engaging, and that enables us to support our learners to progress across Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development. Participants will leave with a model for how to develop procedural scaffolds for a range of common instructions.