Join this hands-on workshop and meet all of your PD requirements in one event! Gain practical knowledge to achieve real impact in your RTO.

Trainers intensive

Trainer: Laurie Kelly

Date: 24 October 2019

Time: 1:30PM - 5:00PM


Your trainers will experience Brain Friendly Learning in practice. ‘The talk will be walked...’. They will understand some basic brain physiology, but more importantly, what this actually means in the teaching environment and how relevant it is for successful learning outcomes. The program is based around five brain friendly principles. These principles cover engagement and empowerment. How do you deliver your content in a Brain-Friendly way and get it to stick, and have the students engaged and excited?

  1. Keep it Real - RAS Alert (Reticular Activity System of the Brain); Big picture overviews; WIIFM (sales principles of What’s In It for TheM); Flipped Classroom; Goals and Motivation
  2. Learners are Unique - What are practical things you can do to engage the various Learning Styles of your students, including the Visual, Auditories, Kinesthetic and Tactiles, Global Learners and the implications of Left and Right Brain Tendencies
  3. Teaching has to be Multi-sensory to maximise retention and recall. There are simple things to do to ensure this
  4. Get them Creating not just Consuming using the 80% of Brain Neurons which are referred to as ‘Pattern finding Neurons’.
  5. The Learner’s Mental State for Learning is the Key. So how do you manage the ‘environment’ and ‘delivery’ to create a resourceful Learning state for the Student?
There are five key states:
  • Get them Curious
  • WOW state
  • The ‘Yes success’ state
  • The Challenge
  • The Transfer

The one day ‘Trainers Intensive’ program aims to put these principles into practice through modelling, not lecturing. Topics will include:

  • Early Engagement - getting them mentally present in the room, not just physically present
  • Overviews and how to set the learner up to focus on what you want them to focus on
  • Use of Universals with stories and metaphors to resonate with their experience. Linking to Prior knowledge
  • The NLP technique of Pre-pacing and Conscious Convincers as powerful learning tools.
  • Left and Right Brain tendencies, and the classroom implications
  • How to engage Global Learners who are the biggest learning style group, yet most neglected, and have them eager for more
  • Base your teaching on the Sales adage W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For TheM) so your passion is firing and they will react and buy into the learning
  • How to set up a Revision schedule based on good Neuro scientific principles, so information has maximum possibility to embed and transfer into desired behaviour
This workshop will be very interactive. It will put theory into practice.


This events includes all materials, lunch, and beverage breaks.