The Future of Training and Assessmentin a Changing World


Training and Assessment in a Changing world

The Vocational Education and Training sector is continuously evolving, and its survival will depend on its ability to continuously adapt.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into a new era of human interaction that has affected the way trainers and learners communicate and collaborate in the workplace and learning environments.

The VET Training and Assessment Summit 2021 will focus on designing training for the new world of work, embracing new technologies and supporting trainers and learners to achieve successful outcomes that can impact the workplace and the broader community.

While there is a renewed focus on the importance of technical aptitude for training professionals, speakers will address changes from the foundational elements of vocational education and training.

Australia's number #1 professional development event that's focused on the essentials that every trainer in the VET sector should comprehend.

Instructional Design

Understanding Instructional Design is a critical skill that trainers and managers need to create and adapt effective learning strategies to the new normal. Presentations in this track will help you to further develop knowledge about adult learning methodologies and stay up-to-date with industry trends. This track will cover topics such as session planning, amount of training, blended learning, virtual training, workplace training, online role-plays, effective evaluation and more!

Industry Relevance

Vocational Education and Training plays an important role in promoting economic development, expanding employment opportunities and improving the quality of employment. Maintaining industry relevance requires trainers and educators to not only have technical currency but also to continuously develop professional attitudes to support learners’ employment in the new social distancing workplace.

Training Delivery

The Training Delivery track provides trainers with the tools and resources required to deliver training that engages their audience in both, the face-to-face and the virtual learning environment. Presentations in this track will help you to further develop your facilitating skills. Topics covered include science of learning, storytelling, improvisation, managing virtual behaviours, visual aids, best practices in facilitation, engagement and more!


In a competency-based training system, assessment is the gatekeeper for quality. This track is designed to provide trainers with in-depth skills and knowledge to work with competency-based assessments. Presentations in this track will help you to develop assessment tools, understand principles of assessment, rules of evidence, identify suitable assessment types, use technology to collect assessment evidence, and work with an efficient RPL process.

Learning technologies

The Learning Technologies track is designed to provide trainers with the fundamentals of e-learning and using technology to support learners in the new social distancing environment. Topics covered include e-learning design, virtual classroom facilitations, learning ecosystems and many other tools to design a more engaging and effective e-learning program.

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